Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Do You?

My splendid friend phoebe_k just brought up a childhood game I'd all but forgotten: "Do You Like Butter?"

In this game, you rub a dandelion on someone's chin (or possibly just put a goldencup near their chin) to find out if they like butter. Since this method doesn't have the same problems with reporter bias as common methods of finding out if someone likes butter -- such as asking, or tasting butter -- this "game" is clearly a scientifically valid test.

I propose some similar tests:
"Do You Like Butterflies?"
Rub daisies on your chin.
"Do You Like Batter?"
Rub milkweed on your chin.
"Do You Like Barter?"
Rub thyme on your chin. (Because thyme is money.)
"Do You Like Big Butts?"
Rub Sir Mix-a-Lot on your chin.
"Do You Like Boutros?"
Rub former U.N. Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali on your chin.
"Do You Like Bitters?"
Rub vermouth on your chin.
"Do You Like Banter?"
Rub LiveJournal on your chin.

Thanks, Phoebe!

(Other suggestions? For Science?)
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