Ted (merovingian) wrote,


So, I've been away for the past week or so in a place that doesn't have internet yet: The Magical Unicorn Kingdom. They might not ever get it. They're considering it.

It's kind of an honor to get invited to talk with the unicorns and explain the Internet to them, but also kind of an embarassment. I'm hardly, you know, unicorn material. When you're talking with a unicorn, that surgically-sharp horn looks threatening now matter how well-intentioned you suppose the unicorn might be. It's important to be polite when you're dealing with a society where everyone has a weapon on their face.

They don't allow much technology in the Magical Unicorn Kingdom, and they debate it for years beforehand. They don't assume that progress is positive. (I disagree with them there.) They don't use superhighways or tubes, either, so it's hard to explain the Internet to them. They seem very impressed with "lolcats."

I'm headed back there next week, so I'll be away some more to answer their next wave of questions. Man, some of those questions seem totally inane until you start to think like a unicorn. I just hope I don't start thinking like a unicorn.

The unicorns are reading this journal for now, so please don't post any comments that would rile them up.

EDIT: Please free free to comment with "lolunicorns" however, as suggested by Cobra Commander himself prester_scott.
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