Ted (merovingian) wrote,


There is only one tree with this particular fruit. The fruits grow from scion branches, transported from nowhere and grafted onto a peach tree, and they don't seem to have seeds or pits or any way to reproduce.

The fruit's meat is rich, salty and savory - more like the meat of a cow than the meat of a peach. It doesn't taste like meat, but if you slice the fruit thin, you can put it on a sandwich and it tastes good with the same things that meat does. It's not very nutritious, but it's not very bad for you either, so you can put it with nutritious things if you're worried about that. It tastes quite good.

The owner of the tree set up a delicatessen inside his own house. Business was doing well enough that he put up a sign "PART TIME HELP NEEDED."

I approached him. "I have a better idea. Instead of hiring me part time, let's have a running bet. We'll flip a coin at the start of each day. If you win, I'll work a full day for you, free. If I win, you give me a day's wages for no work."

"How is that better?" he said, munching on his nameless fruit sandwich.

"Well, it averages out to part time, but it's nice to get a day off work by surprise, or to get volunteer help. And also it gets taxed as gambling, instead of employment, which I think is better for both of us."
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