Ted (merovingian) wrote,


She placed another candle in the locked, aerated vault.

"Are these candles for Halloween?" I asked.

"No, actually, I seldom mention holidays in any way," she replied, "Each candle holds fire transfered from a famous fire. Someone lit a torch down in Southern California last week, and we brought the fire up here and I lit this candle off it."

We strolled around. The candles were all fairly fresh. They weren't in airtight containers, because they need air, but otherwise they were well-secured. Lasers and dogs and so on. I guess I replaced them.

"This one's from the Chicago fire. This candle here holds a fire from the 1944 Olympics. We had one from 1896, but some joker blew it out so we threw the candle away. We're pretty sure that this one is from the fires after the '06 quake here in San Francisco, but the fellow who sold it to our vault might have been lying - he was, records say, a rake and a rascal. This one is from Apollo 1's first blast. And this one is from the future - well, when we got it in 1939, it was transported from 1965 by time machine. When 1965 rolled around, we lit the fire and sent it back, so it's self-contained, in a way. Of course, they're all impossible to verify."

"What happens if someone combines two fires together?"

"I punch them in the arm really hard," she replied.
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