Ted (merovingian) wrote,


What a lovely day! I met a guy who made oral-history polish. I think we've all heard about how stories are passed down from storyteller to storyteller, but I also think we all know that the hype is not really all it deserves. Those stories get distorted with each generation, no matter how clever the storytellers are.

So, this guy makes oral-history polish. Spread it on a soft rag and rub, and it'll restore the story to its original form, all shiny and new.

I tried it once so far, and it turns out that 3rd-century Siberian shamans had the complete mathematical model for M-theory to unite the various string theories, before some storyteller accidentally misremembered "Planck length" as "elk. " The words sounded similar in 3rd century Siberian. Anyway, that particular story made less and less sense from there...

...until I used that polish! What a lovely day!

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