Ted (merovingian) wrote,

"Let me confirm I understand this theory," said the robot, "Every member of your species has a varied set of fatal design flaws, but is also extremely valuable."

"Yes, flawed and precious from birth."

"That part computes," she said generously, "but these flaws somehow worsen if you factor them into your algorithms? And so to reduce them, you just... list them and then assume they do not exist?"

I nodded, "Yes, acknowledge them and then ignore them, over and over."

"And this corrects the flaws because your underlying programming autocorrects autonomously?"

"Or maybe," I said, "the surrounding environment is optimized for forgiveness, but only if we pay attention to our unflawed processes."

"To confirm this theory I need to see your source code."

"Well, you can't," I said, apologetically but firmly.

The robot nodded politely while she thought about it - a habit she had picked up on Earth.

"And what about robots?" she finally asked.

"Our theories about robots aren't as, ah... Well, the best theory so far is that robots work best when five of them combine to form one big one."

Man, this private tutoring gig gets awkward when I take jobs in robot neighborhoods.
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