Ted (merovingian) wrote,

An Anti-Time Machine Public Announcement

I ran with the time machine kids in my twenties, and thank goodness I got out of it when I did. They all seemed so glamorous, with their stock picks and their lottery numbers, partying for 35 hours every Friday night, walking arm-in-arm with themselves, all broadswords and solar pistols and holocameras and spaceface.

They skipped past the boring moments, and aged at a slower rate because of it. They went back to neanderthal days and dug up oil fields for fuel, and when they used it all recklessly, they just went back a few years before and stole the very same oil from themselves again.

They didn't need makeup because they had microscopic robots for that. They didn't need social skills because they'd just fake it with trial and error, run the same conversation a thousand times until they get what they want from you. They didn't need to learn responsibility because everything was so easy for them.

But ease can be a bad thing; the human mind languishes in the absence of challenge. They degenerated while they stayed beautiful. Some of them pushed the boundaries of paradox, some of them avoided responsibilities, some of them just went back to some tropical paradise and picked on the native peoples. Hanging out with them was a chore, and the contempt they held toward those without a machine was almost as painful as the pity they engendered. We all want luxury, but if we don't appreciate it, then the platinum turns to dross and eons-old spiderwebs.

You can never get good at the game if you keep restoring from a save point. They never realized how much they weren't prepared to enjoy.

And now, today, I hear they're going to erase it all. Make it so the machines were never invented. I won't even remember them. Maybe that will set them straight, but I'm disappointed. Even when they see how much trouble is causes them, they're still using time machines to solve all their problems, all in fast forward with the nerves off, all too easy for the human mind to absorb.

Goodbye time machines. I'm glad I got out early enough that I'll still have most of my life.
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