Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Bad Good Bad Ideas

"It's a social networking site for trolls," we told the venture capitalists, "Some people really crave conflict and can't get it in their daily life, so they look for enemies on the Internet. So, we'll facilitate that and make big money on advertiseents. We'll hook up Chevy fans with Ford fans, queers with fundies, punks with hippies, Republicans with Democrats, Libertarians with everyone. People can write anti-testimonials for folks they especially hate. We'll hire some easily-picked-on shills for the bullies to pester while they're getting started. We'll add a horde of features that facilitate hurt feelings, and promote some users to be moderators who abuse their authority. If people are on the internet looking for a fight, they can find it here."

Once again, they turned us down. It seems like every investor who sees the value in this kind of social network takes joy in shooting down our well crafted idea.

"There's already a website that does that," they said nastily, "It's called the Internet."
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