Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Consider if you will the noble parakeet. What mysteries does it hold in its beak? What did it do with my ice cream? Why does it tilt its head that way? When it balances on one leg, does it get angry more easily? Will it eat tapenade? Would it drunk-dial? What kind of music does it like?

Now, consider the noble robot. When will it rage? Is it plotting against us? Why did the Queen grant it its noble title anyway? Where did it learn to be such a fabulous attourney? Does it enjoy its life, or life-equivalent? Does it appreciate how nice its pocketwatch is? Have you seen that watch? Isn't it fabulous? Why does it still have all those weapons? Is it made of metal or some sort of composite? Can it dance?

Lastly, consider the noble robot parakeet.

I spent today considering the noble robot parakeet.

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