Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Camworld - sorry, woodwind lovers!

I think that I've mentioned to you all that I've been working as a freelance technology journalist lately. They sent me to a conference this week, on a big cruiser boat out on the Indian Ocean, on the opposite side of the globe from San Francisco.

It's an end-of-life conference. The big feature is a guy in a white turtleneck who announces what technologies won't be available anymore. Really blunt-edge technologies. Everyone at the conference is talking about what this guy - this guru of a man - will declare obsolete. It was at this conference that they buried Betamax, 8-track and the 2e.

This year, they retired Hufu, CVS, the VCR, the piccolo, and the voice-rounded colorator.

"What's a voice-rounded colorator?" I asked one expert.

He sighed sadly, "We'll never know now, will we?"

You'll see it all in my article, which'll be hitting the magazine racks next week.
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