Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Roleplaying vs. Rollplaying

He sat over the chessboard, frowning. Every once in a while, he would scribble notes.

"The black knight loves the black pawn, but he wants to prove his worth," he said, "so he's looking for ways to put himself in danger, to show that he can get out again. The white knight sees all of this - all of it, because he's been in the same place before - and he feels nothing but contempt for it. He wants to punish the black knight for being weak where he himself took the effort to be strong, and that anger is consuming him. I'm trying to figure out the best move."

"Hey, look, I think you can take a rook if you just move the bishop over there to cover the knight's attack!" I said.

He glared at me. He had been fighting statements like mine ever since he got into chess. "You have no understand of how chess really works."
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