Ted (merovingian) wrote,

This Post Brought to You by Nutribars

It's amazing the things you find, going through old boxes. Ephemeral thoughts become intentions, and then intentions create objects, and then the objects stay permanent even as memories change or disappear.

The box I unpacked has all the relics of memories I traded away in order to create my clockwork soldiers. They could have been faked as far as I know. Sometimes I like to do that -- create evidence of a fake memory and leave it behind in these boxes as a little practical joke against my future self.

Anyway, this box has a yearbook of the year I spent being made of steam, with photos and medical papers and diary entries. It has a book of traffic rules for driving a car through Fairyland. A little black datebook full of IP addresses from that summer I spent in London, dating robots. Little paper dolls of werewolves that fold over so they can change shape. Jeweler's rouges I bought, in hopes that they might work as gunpowder in some other dimension. Teensy-weensy jetpacks that either are broken or just never worked. Photographs of four-dimensional friends all drunk on absinthe and treachery. A superhero outfit far too scandalous for me to have ever worn it -- at least I hope so. Letters I wrote to old, old friends, all in Proto-Indo-European. Textbooks from the class I presumably took, with lessons about how to give up your memories to make clockwork soldiers. Choreography instructions for those same clockwork soldiers to have a big evening victory ball, all in dashing uniforms with sashes and sabers. Nasty little taunting postcards from evil robot twins, from parallel-world doubles, from past selves that I either forgot or erased. One very nice posthumous postcard from my ex's old goldfish (who was so awesome!)

Plus, best of all, tasty nutribars from the future! I know that nutri-balanced replacement bars have a bad reputation these days for being soulless or bland, but that's because the people who diss nano-assembled flavor nutribars from the future have never tried them. Flavor nutribars are far and away better-tasting and more varied and interesting than the finest of dishes of today! I thought I was all out of them, but I found a stash! Woot!

It's lovely the things you can find in your own past.
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