Ted (merovingian) wrote,

"We're sculptors," they say, "and we're crafting a better life for ourselves."

They live up on the orbital colony, in constant connection with Earth. The clock up there is on a 28-hour day, 6 days a week - it maps to seven 24-hour days but they all have more time every day. They're all doctors, or lawyers, or network architects, or other careers like that -- high paying jobs where they can live well only working four hours a day. The rest of their time is far from idle. They all exercise every day, with the same matter-of-fact regularity we devote to eating every day. They eat tiny meals each day with enthusiasm, each crafted with even more gusto. They hold regular contests for new theories, life improvements, and works of art. They pursue what comes to their mind with ferocity, not for reward, but for the good life that comes from these pursuits. They perfect their comfort and then are restless with curiosity. They redecorate their homes monthly, to keep their world fresh. They give away anything they don't use regularly, living in Spartan luxury.

I sent in my application today, but they were all smug about it. Can anyone spot me a reference or something?
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