Ted (merovingian) wrote,

I Am A Vampire I Have Lost My Fangs

So, my evil twin and I have this deal: we split the world in half. We try to stay in mutually exclusive cultures and experiences, so we can keep each other caught up on stuff. Staying out of each other's way is a big bonus too, of course. We meet for coffee every six months or so to catch each other up.

"Why didn"t you tell me that there's a musical genre called Anti-Folk?" I asked. My evil twin's much cooler than me, so he's in charge of music.

"Why haven't you been updating your Zog-conomy thread?" he replied, because my evil twin always answers an accusation with another accusation.

"I'm sorry," I said, because I never answer an accusation with another accusation.

"Well, look, there's still a genre you should know about," he said, "Rockabye. Nothing but lullabyes, traditional lullabyes and new ones, all pumped up and rocked out but still at that lulling rockabye pace, so you'll fall asleep and dream you're at a concert."

"You mean besides Mogwai?"

And then he slugged me on the arm. What a jerk. Thing is, the more I hate my evil twin, the more I like me.
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