Ted (merovingian) wrote,

I like to be gone most of the time.

This will be the last journal entry I do about time travel.

Mind you, it's the last journal entry subjective to my time. I'm posting this via LiveJournal Temporal Edition, posting in the year 2331 after a few centuries of alligator wrestling, professional space-dancing, and eating longevity-inducing grape-flavored nanopaste. Looking through past entries I see that I did a whole bunch of entries about time travel between 2008 and 2331, including some very dumb time travel puns. But this one, which I'm back-dating to February 8 2008, will be the last one I ever do. Now that there are software-only time machines that are cheaper than beer (rather than the more expensive hardware-based Delorean models) it's not nearly as exciting to write about. It's like writing science fiction about a world where people have shoes and prefer to have attractive hair.
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