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San Francisco Double-Dutch Disco

They installed hundreds and thousands of clusters of high-powered floodlights throughout the city, brighter than daylight. They say the reduction in crime alone will cover all the installation and power costs. It's easier to find things now, but our sleep schedules get messed up, and now we all have to decide on our own when to get tired.

You would think it would feel like Big Brother, and sometimes it does, but it's not like there are more cameras or thought police or anything -- just lots and lots of light. The sun may be jealous, and the raccoons and cats are sure confused, but it still feels like the same place, mostly. It's weirder but more fun during the rainstorms, still bright as summer, and we are all getting nice tans. It feels a little like my home has been transplanted to another planet with a slightly more bluish sun.

Oh, and they caught all the vampires. Nobody even believed in them until we got those lights. So that's good too, I guess.
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