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We both have shiny happy fits of rage!

Some people say that to succeed in life, you need to do two things: figure out what you want, and then get it. They go on to say that the first step is usually the harder one.

Well, the funny thing is, I've been pursuing a career as an actor for about a year now. As I'm sure you can guess from my previous (friends-locked) entries, it's been going poorly. I finally decided last week that I needed help, so I called one of those personal assistant services that will do whatever tasks you assign, and asked for a stage acting coach. I got a confirmation quickly and was given an address and a date. That day is today!

So I went there, and there was a mixup. There was an old-style 19th century horse-drawn carriage there waiting for me. My "assistant" ordered a stage coach, instead of a stage coach. I'd already paid by credit card, or my assistant had, and there were no refunds. So I hitched up and headed home.

Let me tell you, it's incredible! I never knew how wonderful it could be to have one of these. Life just seems right now. People in the 19th century transport business must have all been so happy! There's really no greater joy than a stage coach.

So maybe the first step isn't even necessary, if you slip through the right mistakes.
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