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You held up a stage-coach in the rain! And I'm doing the same!

I was pretending to be at a car wash today, when I noticed something sad. At the imaginary carwash were Weird and Gilly, the fictional surviving members of the fictional band The Spiders From Mars in the real David Bowie song. I had sort of assumed that they were going to form another nonexistent band or something, but I guess they are now doing nonexistent blue collar labor instead. Not that it's a tragic failure to be working class, of course - or imaginary working class, in this case - but when someone you like makes it big, you hope they'll keep it. I think maybe all those hypothetical fans never really appreciated Weird and Gilly, in the shadow of Ziggy Stardust. Maybe some imaginary record execs screwed them out of their share of royalties. Anyway, now they're working at a pretend car wash. It's definitely not as sad as real Maureen Tucker leaving real Velvet Underground and working at real Wal-Mart to support her real family, but it's still sad.

My pretend car got very clean, at least. Imagine how shiny it is, all blue and wet and splendid and rosy!

Could someone please write some Weird and Gilly fanfic where they have better lives? And maybe add text or links in comments? I think maybe that would count as real fiction.
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