Ted (merovingian) wrote,

I woke up this morning to find that I was irritated by all the things I usually liked. And vice versa!

My shoes weren't tight enough and I lacked a sore throat. There was way too much hot water in the shower, and thick lathery shampoo. I was stuck with a tasty breakfast and flattering clothes.

I changed into a nice itchy sweater and was on my way. I was pleasantly late for work and got to wait in traffic, but some of my favorite songs came on, so I had to change to a staticky easy-listening 70s station.

At least I got a bad parking spot (though I did have to suffer the sun and fresh air of the walk.) And I had a dumb song stuck in my head! I spent my day cheerfully doing drudgework and getting caught in bureaucratic tangles and didn't let a delicious salad with fresh lemonade ruin it.

Then in the afternoon, I realized: something was odd with my brain! That made me very glad and I got to call the doctor and wait on hold for a while and then schedule an appointment the same day. And when I got there I had a wonderful waiting room delay!

The doctor said, "Sometimes people like you just have contrary days. You'll be fine tomorrow." He had a pleasantly dismissive tone.

I'm disappointed that it's nothing to worry about, but at least there's no good explanation.
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