Ted (merovingian) wrote,

I was at one of those fancy hippie motels last night, where there are Christmas lights everywhere and toys and gardens and swirly paintings everywhere. I was there for a business conference, and one training room was very boring, so I stared at the wall carefully. There was a mermaid painted on it, and then I noticed that her eyes were real, and blinking. I smiled and waved hello and the mermaid winked at me.

It wasn't a hole in the wall with someone peeking through, Scooby-style. It was a fully attached organ and part of the wall. I walked out when the class ended and noticed real eyes in all the paintings.

Then I reached the street, and I was still looking for eyes, and I found them. All in inconspicuous places - behind trees and signs and shingles, in the shade, away from the walkways, out of the sun. In my workplace and home and all the local businesses. At friends' houses. At your houses. Some were squinty and suspicious, some flirty and playful, some angry, some sad, some happy, some surprised.

Why hadn't I noticed all these eyes before I went to that hotel?
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