Ted (merovingian) wrote,

It's an incredibly gorgeous day today out here in Dolores Park, all bright and sunny. I commented on it to someone and she gave a secretive little smile and agreed. She wouldn't tell me why, but we drank some pomegranate juice and reminisced and she explained it to me.

"The Norwegian government completed their worldwide weather control satellites in 2006," she said, "and they plan little surprise sunny days sometimes. They also have rainy days for contemplative bittersweet days, and storms to challenge us and fill us with awe. Snowy days for the kids, and sometimes spoiler days when you'd want things to be sunny, just to keep make stories for us of times when things go awry. The big killing-people storms are beyond their control -- the satellites are low-powered still. The people who run the satellites are mostly concerned with maximum psychological enjoyment, rather than any tactical or economic advantage."

I was skeptical, but I asked my raincloud friend and she confirmed it.

"Then why would the government keep this a secret?" I asked.

"Can you imagine all the kvetching and nagging they'd get if people knew there was someone who was doing something about it?" she replied, "every day would be a tiresome debate."

I think she might be kidding.

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