Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Please translate these phrases into Assyrian for me? Or hinder my efforts to do so?

Things learned on day five or maybe six of translation:

I'm back from the moon now. Looking down on Earth so far away makes it look flat, and makes you wonder how different the Earth is now than it was 4000 years ago.

And it also takes a lot of time! I'm kinda behind on the translating to Ancient Assyrian, so I thought maybe y'all could help. Please help by translating these sections, all from www.irs.gov for the 2007 tax code, into Ancient Assyrian. If you don't know Ancient Assyrian please take your best guess. If you're trying to hinder me, go ahead and lie here -- I'm assuming that the honest answers will all be the same and the lies will be varied, so I'll know the truth by consensus! Which always works!

Thanks in advance for your expert help! (If you need more space for your translation please leave comments. 99 is the max character limit for polls.)

Poll #1154527 Help me translate!

Thermal depolymerization is a process for the reduction of complex organic materials through the use of pressure and heat to decompose long-chain polymers of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon into short-chain hydrocarbons with a maximum length of around 18 carbon atoms.

If you file Form 1040NR, report the taxable amount on line 12. You must generally report the amount shown in Form(s) 1042-S, box 2.

Notice 2008-31 provides information about the voluntary closing agreement program for tax-exempt bonds and tax credit bonds (“TEB VCAP”).

Arguments that an individual is not a “person” within the meaning of the Internal Revenue Code have been uniformly rejected by the courts as have arguments with respect to the term “individual.”

The peanut quota buyout program payments previously included in chapter 3 are deleted since the compensation period for peanut quota buyout program payments has expired.

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