Ted (merovingian) wrote,

I have the feeling I'm forgetting some kind of project..

Here's what you have probably already heard:

1. One Laptop Per Child is pretty cool.

2. After they started, Microsoft did a similar program for profit and started selling low-cost devices for children in developing countries. Intel did something similar, too.

3. Because the local governments didn't want their children learning nonstandard technology and having job troubles, they are favoring the Microsoft and Intel devices.

4. The OLPC folks aren't too unhappy about that. Their goal was to get technology into the hands of kids, not to make a profit. They're a nonprofit. As Josh Bernoff put it, "Nicholas Negroponte is selling an idea; it happens to have a piece of hardware associated with it." Competition is therefore welcome; in fact, it's more like cooperation.

5. The OLPC laptop itself is pretty cool too.

Here's what you don't know:

1. I started a competing organization myself, called One Laptop Per Zero Children. It failed due to an arithmetic error and now no one remembers it exists.

2. I seem to have forgotten some kind of project I was doing. Maybe it was this OLPZC thing.

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