Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Only one question remains.

Okay, apparently I was trying to translate the 2007 tax code into Assyrian for some reason? I think someone wiped my memories or spliced me back in from an alternate time line or replaced me with a robot with no memories of this Assyrian thing or got me drunk on wild absinthe and ice wine or made very careful application of transcranial magnetic stimulation or put out a series of hilarious and convincing anti-Assyrian-translation video commercials or redefined so many words in the English language that the original prospect didn't make sense any more or distracted me deliciously or sent a shipful of brave Vikings into the Realm of Memory to do battle with my intentions or helped me change my goals and outlook so much that my previous plans are now unrecognizable or talked me out of it or something, because I don't remember anything about it at all.

Looking back, though, it looks like gaspaheangea is an expert in Ancient Assyrian and took care of most of the translation, so I'm still on track. So, uh, if someone was trying to thwart me or something (maybe with my encouragement, for some reason?) I think it looks like I've managed. Unless somehow I'm just accepting a forgery, in which case my failure will be eternal.

Only one question remains.

Why was I trying to translate the 2007 IRS tax code into Ancient Assyrian again?

Also, have I been taking all my LJ titles from a movie soundtrack lately? What's up with that?

I guess that's three questions.
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