Ted (merovingian) wrote,

  • Music:
Sitting outside on a sunny Spring day is like pressing your on switch and your off switch at the same time.
And your on and off switches are like your DNA taking a vote on what you do today.
And your DNA is like a billion characters of illegible perfect poetry on silk and rice paper.
Rice paper is rice wine in solid form.
Rice wine is your long-forgotten memories taking you out for a dance.
When you dance, you're clumsy in the most beautiful way.
Being beautiful and clumsy is being the swan and the butterfly flying in tandem, tied at the ankle.
The swan is a fruit-processor made of blood and muscle.
The butterfly is a spy in an art museum.
Muscles are where you learn to relax.
Art museums are where you learn to forget.
When you relax and forget, you're back to sitting outside on a sunny Spring day.
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