Ted (merovingian) wrote,

I apologize, here, because I don't understand much of this.

This week I installed the new AIM add-on that lets you talk to your alternate double in a parallel world. I had kind of a tough conversation with him, though, because of his odd speech patterns.

He lives in an alternate history where, through brilliant tactics and a long stretch of rolling natural 20s, the Lakota nation took military control over Anglo-American colonists and established peaceful relations with Europe.

This alternate me works as a Heyoka - a low paying job with some old-timey prestige in parallel-2008. He's a contrary - a sacred clown. He walks backwards and says the opposite of what he means. He goes by the name Det instead.

I don't really know much about the Lakota tradition, so I had to look the whole thing up on Wikipedia, because his explanation made no sense at all. I think he got his bachelor's and master's in theology and then got certified as a contrary and now he lives on the streets.

Det said he's getting in trouble with the Heyoka top brass because he's been telling the truth lately. He gets more laughs that way. Apparently the press and leaders have all been lying these days over in that parallel universe, not just the Heyoka, so it's more contrary to tell the truth.

"Sometimes we laugh out of relief," he said, "when someone finally admits there's a problem."

Or maybe he was telling me the opposite of that. It's so hard to tell.

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