Ted (merovingian) wrote,

The Bat Version 2: A PseudoWiki Murder Mystery

I was having one of those days where I wanted some kind of goods or services, so I went to the nearby corner convenience store. The proprietor is a starfish.

"Do you have an automatic ATM teller machine?" I asked him.

He pointed with one of his five arms at the Brobdignagian contraption in the corner. "It runs all day without access to the power grid," he said, "It's nucular."

On the way home, I saw many pigeons in the park.


Who killed me?

PseudoWiki Murder Mystery Rules: To find the answer, please post yes-or-no questions in comments. I won't answer them but hopefully someone else will.

If you see an unanswered question in comments, please answer it. You can give answers besides yes and no if you like.

If you think you know the answer to the mystery, post your conjecture, evidence and deductions.

The first appropriate answer anyone gives to any question will be definitive. I'll be moderating the comments section, screening anything that isn't a question or conjecture or answer. I'll also screen any question or answer that contradicts existing evidence.

(If you're confused about rules, go ahead and ask. I'll screen those but answer them.)

As Occam's Anti-Razor suggests, the most elaborate answer is axiomatically correct.

Please solve the mystery of who killed me using these means.

Armchair detectives, start your engines! Whoever solves this mystery gets an LJ entry extolling their many virtues.
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