Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Television and the Prince

"Machiavelli said in The Prince that the best way to persuade a newly-conquered territory to accept your rule is to impose a strict, cruel and beastly dictator. After a few years, visit and hear the complaints of the populace. Tell them you have heard their protests and now you will instill a more reasonable leader. They will happily accept anyone you put in charge, and thank you for it," said the advertisement.

"Now you can apply that same principle to breakfast cereals! This large, bulk box of breakfast cereal is unappealing to children. The packaging is plain and unappealing, and promises a toy inside which is not delivered. The cereal itself tastes somewhat spoiled, burnt and bitter, yet still bland. Even the pickiest child will happily accept healthy cereals after completing one three-month box of this cereal. Machiavelli-Os: Silence them."

I shudder in my attempts to describe the jingle of the advertisement.
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