Ted (merovingian) wrote,

King of the Hill

"Your network security is a window to your soul. You want to really know someone? Hack their box."

He was sitting with a laptop, mischief on his mind and love in his heart, in the circle.

You see, there's this circle in Upper Sproul Plaza in Berkeley, on the UC campus, large enough for a person to sit or two if they're comfy. The placard states that inside the circle there are no laws. It is, at least in theory, a place of pure anarchy.

I had gone there to see how the circle was doing after everything was done.

Police, NSA Agents and corporate security were looming around nervously, waiting for him to come out, frustrated by the symbolic power of the circle. He had agreed to let me interview him in exchange for bringing him a coffee. He was getting sick of MREs.

Just then, another guy came into the circle, shanked him with a sharpened toothbrush, and tossed him out of the circle. Police and paramedics rushed the hacker, barely paying attention to the new occupant of the lawless little circle.

He smiled at me with a madly mischievous wink. "He'll survive," he said guiltlessly.

Then he set down his backpack and started pulling equipment out of it, and said with delight "It's time for some unlicensed stem cell research!"
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