Ted (merovingian) wrote,

I know NASA or the military or someone is going to be mad at me when they find this out and I know that I should have told people about it a long time ago, maybe the reporters or the police or the universities or something.

There's this egg in my back yard and I thought at first it was a dinosaur egg but now I know it's an alien artifact and it's huge and grey like titanium and inside it's always dark and warm and sometimes I just like to climb inside and sleep. I dream in rhyming couplets in there which is cool at the time but irritating afterwards. I think some of the dreams are messages from the aliens, and then I realize that that's crazy talk, but just after that I realize, hey, I'm sleeping inside I giant metal alien egg and that's pretty crazy too. But mostly I just get a great night's sleep.

The reason I'm bringing it up now is, well, I'm wondering if anyone knows how to install a stereo system into an unknown alien artifact? Thanks.
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