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Can you spot the plot hole in this story?

Every Monday I like to use my time machine to go have lunch with Socrates on the day before his execution. He never remembers our previous conversations, and there's a language barrier, and sometimes he's a little glum, but all in all he's a superb lunch companion.

Today we talked about California's initiative process, a direct democracy system. He seemed to think it was a good idea.

"Actually," I told him, "there are problems. Some dishonest people make self-serving propositions that route state funds into their own pockets, then disguise them with popular issues like clean air or stem-cell research."

"Well, people who would fall for such a transparent trick are idiots," Socrates said, "The time has come for your people to become more informed, and to take legal action against such liars."

"No," I said, "the time has come to make a Constitutional Amendment by popular initiative that forbids any space travel or research unless everyone involved wears glittery star-shaped sunglasses, and also Bootsy Collins vets each project."

"Who is Bootsy Collins?" Socrates asked.

Oops! I forgot: Ancient Greeks don't know how to use hypertext links!
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