Ted (merovingian) wrote,

...and when I got home there were cakes everywhere. Every horizontal surface in the house is piled with cakes. Even the floor, except for some courteous walkway. Rich chocolate and puffy pastries, honey-yogurt cakes and angel's food and corn pudding and oatmeal-cranberry, plasticky supermarket birthday cakes and rich velvet and lemon custard and black bean cakes and huckleberry. I think I even saw some yellow cake uranium.

Who broke in and did this? The neighbors didn't see anything. Nothing was stolen, but it's still...choto...

They're all delicious so far, but I would explode in insulin collapse if I tried to have even a spoonful of each. I'm worried about ants and pests, and my trash can outside can't hold all these cakes.

Anyone want a cake?

UPDATE: I went to a café to have a cup of tea and figure out what to do, and when I got back, all the cakes are gone, just as mysteriously. Now there are lemmings here instead. What gives?
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