Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Contrary Trust

I was at a deli today, and I ordered a turkey sandwich on wheat bread.

"No mayo, no tomatoes, but everything else," I said.

"Do you want cheese on that?" he asked me, and I answered "No."

He made the sandwich the exact opposite of what I'd requested. Turkey on wheat, with mayo and tomatoes and nothing else. Then he put some cheese on top. I come here a lot and didn't want to cause a fuss, so I decided I'd just scrape off the mayo later or something.

"For here or to go?" he asked, and I answered "To go, please."

He put the sandwich in a paper-lined basket plate, to be eaten here.

I wondered if he was being spiteful, or if I'd misspoken, or if there was a language problem, or maybe he was a Contrary, or perhaps it was Opposite Day.

Please select one.

He was being spiteful.
I had misspoken.
There was a language problem.
He was a Contrary.
It was Opposite Day.

He handed the sandwich to a man waiting at the counter, who ordered right before me, and who just happened to have ordered the exact same sandwich, with the exact opposite sandwich choices. Then he made my sandwich just how I wanted it and it was delicious.

The moral of the story is that you should trust your local deli professional.
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