Ted (merovingian) wrote,

A Question of Economics

So, in my dreams, there's a few places that seem to occur often. Usually they're distortions of places from childhood. My old summer camp, now covered with strip malls. A valley near my elementary school, now a bizarre paramilitary amusement park. And a spot near the beach at the bottom of a cliff.

The past few nights, trading ships have pulled into that beach, offering a variety of goods and services. The crew and merchants aboard are luminous, with tentacled heads.

They sell walnuts, and apples, and ectoplasm, and quasars, and constellations. They only stop by human dreams, however, to pick up "bad boy appeal," which is, they say, in high demand elsewhere.

They had a lot of things to offer me for that "bad boy appeal." Things you can't find, awake or asleep. Splendors and luxuries from overseas.

They're docking around these parts for the next two days or so.

So, what do you think? Do I have "bad-boy appeal"? Do you? Who does? What should I ask for in trade?

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