Ted (merovingian) wrote,

"Cyanobacteria never get the blues," is what my fortune cookie said this morning, and I returned it to the front counter of the Chinese restaurant where I was having an early breakfast. I demanded true enlightenment or at least a refund.

The next thing I knew I was floating upward, right through the ceiling, drifting on the winds. My back pain went away as I was pulled upward, lengthening my spine and expanding my rib cage with the floating relaxation. Idly, I realized I had forgotten my leftover ma po tofu in a doggie bag in the world below me. Instead I took a bite out of a cloud and, insubstantial as I was, I was satisfied.

Then I came back down to earth, thanked the woman behind the counter, and left. And now I can't stop eating cotton balls.

They still taste like cotton, but the word has it that cyanobacteria never get the blues.

Sometimes to reach enlightenment you just need to ask nicely.
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