Ted (merovingian) wrote,

I don't remember much of last night. I remember someone taking me up to balcony and showing off his very fine lawn, and I remember him promising me that I could have a lawn so nice as well.

I remember apologizing to the folks at the Chinese restaurant and telling them that the fortune cookie I got was perfectly reasonable. I remember a man laughing and accepting my apology and saying that fortune cookies are just for fun anyway.

I remember some perfect game of playing cards, played with simple blank cards colored red, green and blue. I remember a six year-old child learning it quickly, and enthusiastic adults spending hours discussing strategy, and uploading the results of their game so that the card games could be incorporated into the overall worldwide card game.

I remember doves. Did I talk with them? It's not clear.

I remember chopping wood, late into the night, when everyone else had gone to bed, but I don't remember why.

Way back at the start of the night, a magical talking crow promised me that he'd teach me the six secrets of good programming if I would wander with him that night. I think that's what started it all.

The rest is a blur.

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