Ted (merovingian) wrote,

I was watching the ocean sand this morning. When the foam rolls back in the ocean, and you see little bubbling holes in the watery sand? Those are tiny adorable sand crabs. I used to dig them up as a kid, and look at them in surprise and then let them go home. Most of the time we just see bubbles, but the little things are like inch-long lice, cute but crustacean. These days I would probably freak out if I were holding one. Sometimes I regret my newfound caution.

Then in the evening I made some rice, wild rice with vegetables from a package. You know those little bubbling holes in the pot when the rice is just almost done? That's just steam from the water at the bottom boiling and going to the surface. It's not rice crabs, I promise. Unless you're making paella or something.

In my mind I am comparing the two. Elegant mysterious steam cavities in a smooth fluffy surface. You know those links that bubble up through the holes in your mind, where you realize that two very different things occupy the same memory? What are those?
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