Ted (merovingian) wrote,

So I got me some of those shoes that make you feel like you're upside-down. I've been wearing 'em all morning so far and for the most part they've been great.

It's like riding a roller-coaster but without any dizziness. I can do everything as usual, just not quite as well. Hanging upside down all the time, even if it's just a trick of proprioception, has stretched out my back and I'm feeling great. I'm noticing things on the ceilings more. Frowns seem like smiles, but somehow smiles do too. And upside-down people have been giving me compliments on my shoes all day.

In general I give these shoes an A+. I wouldn't wear them every day, just for special occasions. I probably picked the wrong day to wear them, though, because right now I'm being chased by zombies.
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