Ted (merovingian) wrote,


So, I have this friend who's really into proprioception. She's a professor of cognitive science (I won't mention which university for reasons that will shortly become clear) and for a while she was there she was the world's leading researcher in the field. She knew the field like the back of her hand.

In fact, she knew the field like it was her own body. In the same way that yesterday I could feel my car body, she felt proprioception like it was her own body. When a promising line of research failed on the other side of the globe, she'd feel it and sting. She knew where promising schools stood with respect to each other, both in position and orientation. Sometimes when she was reaching for something, another professor of proprioception would bring it to her without thinking about it.

Then a torch-carrying mob came for her for tampering with Science, so she quit and stopped doing that thing and now she's a world-famous chef instead.
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