Ted (merovingian) wrote,

I invited my new friend over! Rebecca has classical training in being a full person: she's a poet and a scientist, a natural philosopher and a dangerous cryptographer, a brewer and orator and scholar and a politician of mild repute. She went through five different careers before settling on being a lawyer in high tech. She is also blind from birth due to a genetic condition.

And so while I was getting tea, she noticed something in my apartment I'd never caught. The little stucco patterns on my living room wall are Braille. She just happened to stumble and touch the wall when she noticed. I'd noticed bumps on the wall, but stucco is like that and I can't feel the difference.

"Oh, this is interesting," she said, "did you do this on purpose?"

I assured her that I hadn't.

"Well, it seems like the city of San Francisco is replying to little notes you'd left at a statue in Golden Gate Park."

I had indeed done so, but I'd never told Rebecca about it. I asked what they said.

"Well, a few answers to questions. Some just a yes, or a no. In some cases, a date and time to meet a person who could resolve your query. All the dates are at least a year and a half old, though. And... this looks like the last one. The City says she's getting sick of you asking questions and ignoring the reply, so she's going to switch to communicating by pigeon."
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