Ted (merovingian) wrote,

So I've been asking friends for recommendations on places to stay for my upcoming vacation to Fremont, California. My friend recommended the Blue Waters hotel.

"You see," he said, "the building used to be a school for massage therapists, back in the eighties. Then, one night in late June, something went terribly wrong. Everyone was studying for finals, getting ready to perform the best messages of their life. There was a chiropractic school next door, and they were having finals, too. One of the chiro students cracked. He went mad, and rampaged through the dormitories of the massage school, killing everyone with a nothing but an activator and some heated pads. It was a terrible tragedy."

"This recommendation sounds sad and awful," I said.

"Well, here's the good part," he said "The school shut down, of course, and a decade later, Philip Blue and Nathan Waters got together and bought the building dirt cheap. The tragic death left the hotel very, very haunted. The ghosts of all the massage students are still there. Anyone who stays there will feel the chill of the ghosts' approaching, and then feel cold, ethereal hands, giving an all-night tireless massage from beyond the grave. It is creepy, but so very, very relaxing. Best hotel ever."

Has anyone been there? Is it worth it? Anyone got another recommendation?

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