Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Soldiers and scientists didn't help. Tanks and airplanes didn't do it either.

The monster just stood in the middle of the city, slinging cars around, shooting radiation from its eyes.

Then the lawyers came out in droves, in ties and powersuits or in short skirts and long jackets, all marching in perfect angry formation. Each had a briefcase in one hand and an affadavit in the other. The monster shot some down with radiation but they kept coming, demanding justice. They had cease and desist orders from Hollywood and Tokyo. They said the existence of the monster violated copyright and they demanded that it end.

I never liked the MPAA or the RIAA or the DMCA or any of those four-letter words, but giant rubbery monsters make strange bedfellows.

Many died but more marched over the bodies, presenting evidence and arguments. Ontology and legality clashed and finally the monster disappeared in a wincing puff of intellectual property.

I'm kind of wistful now.
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