Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Music sounds different to people based on their experience. There's this band -- The Dulcet Dinosaur Sounds -- that only sounds good to experienced rock musicians. The trained ear can appreciate their music in a way that even the most enthusiastic fan can't appreciate.

I know the adage about the Velvet Underground -- only a thousand people listened to their first album but each one started a band. This is different. Only a thousand people can appreciate The Dulcet Dinosaur Sounds, and they're all already experienced rockers. When a big band discovers them, they go nuts for them.

The problem is, they're crap. They sound good to the trained ear, but they're crap. Every time a band makes it big, discovers their style and gets so excited that they work it into their own music -- every time it happens, the band's music goes downhill fast. Your favorite band that recorded their sellout album? They didn't sell out. They discovered the Dulcet Dinosaur Sounds.
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