Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Two guys with machineguns guarded the drums. I asked her why.

"Oh, these drums are special. They are tuned to a very precise frequency that causes the human nerves to shake, causing spasmatic motions. To stay standing, a person listening must perform a wild, intense, ecstatic dance."

"Wow! Can you record this sound and use it digitally?" I asked.

"Oh, yes," she replied, "In fact, a major musician already did that, and made a hit song of it, but I can't tell you which."

"Why can't you tell me?" I whined.

"I just can't say anything about the artist at all. Except that it's not the Digital Underground."

I need your insightful industry insider information, folks. Immediately. Anyone got a lead?

So, who is it?

Oh Yeah? Prove it.

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