Ted (merovingian) wrote,

I think I've mentioned the gay biker gang in my neighborhood. Tough but friendly, rowdy folks with tech jobs during the day. Spare your jokes on the subject, please: what I need you to know right now is that I've just discovered they're all Chinese animals who used magic to take human form.

And hey, you know, fair enough. Good for them really.

The problem is they found out about my time machine and now they're all hey Ted, how's it going, we made you a cake, hey, can we stop by and maybe try out your time machine? Hey, wanna come ride with us? I'll teach you to ride my spare bike. Maybe after we can, you know, get dinner, or hey, we could try your time machine?

All the darn time.

I think they get access to the Celestial Libraries after one thousand years, and I think maybe they want to cheat or something?

Or maybe they just want to soup up their bikes.

They're laying it on a little thick, but hey, the cake is moist and delicious.
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