Ted (merovingian) wrote,

I woke up this evening from a nap, to find that a constrictor snake was swallowing me whole, from the feet up.

I was surprised. I mean, I was a little surprised that I woke up to find a constrictor snake eating me, but not much, because I've had this happen before. Other things surprised me more.

I was definitely surprised that I couldn't tell what kind of constrictor it was. I couldn't tell if it were a python, or an anaconda, or a vastly overgrown boa. Truth told, it had the features of all of those things.

I was more surprised that I had completely forgotten about the previous time I woke up to find a constrictor eating me. You'd think you might remember that, but I've had so much going on lately (see my previous entries for this year) that I'd just forgotten it. But once it was happening again, it seemed like it was just moments ago that I'd last faced this situation. Similarity distorts time, and loops it back onto itself.

But what really surprised me was this: the last time this happened, I reacted very differently. Last time, my thoughts ran along these lines: "Hey, where do I kick or punch to get myself free, and hopefully kill this snake, who totally deserves it for waking me up like this?" This time, my thoughts were like this: "Oh, this is surprising for a number of reasons. Hey, I have my cell phone right here. Who can I call for advice on how to handle this devoured-by-a-snake situation? Do I have any friends who are experts on this, or should I dial 411 for a zoo or a vet or a circus or something?"

It's hard to see changes in ourselves, because we can't usually jump forward in time enough to see it. Sometimes the best way is to notice your surroundings, remember the last time it was similar, and notice any change in your own reactions.

P.S. Does anyone know what I should do about this snake? It's up to my waist now.
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