Ted (merovingian) wrote,


We went hand in hand down into the valley last night, and I was never sure if I was walking with a monkey or a peacock, you know? Some travel companions are like that - enigmatic or shapeshifting and I'm never sure which.

When we got to the bottom there was a tollbooth out there on the trail, incongrously blocking us in the middle of nowhere.

"Hey," I told the soldiers at the tollbooth, "my companion and I are looking for some way to connect subjective time with the objective ticking of the universe. Something that will anchor my flawed and ever-straying sense of memory and experience, and pin it to the orderly decay of the universe. Can you give us aid?"

"You mean, like a clock?" the lieutenant said.

"Oh, I suppose that would be just right."

He handed me this big clock, which I now wear hanging around my neck.

Yeah, boyee!
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