Ted (merovingian) wrote,

I was reading a book in the lobby of my chiropractor's office, when suddenly I felt a creeping shivery hatred in my spine. It was the grating voice of another customer.

"Hey," I asked, "are you the guy who does the voice-overs for all those unfair sneering political attack ads? The ones that veil any substantial issues with a thick helping of decontextualized accusations and smear tactics?"

"Every single one," he said, and I was ready to punch him.

Then he said, "I come to the chiropractor's office to correct the creepy shivering hatred in my own spine, induced by my grating innuendo-plagued voice. But, you know, it's a living."

I was thinking of challenging him to a duel, but we ended up racing remote-control helicopters instead.

Thanks, Sneering Political Voice-Over Guy! I had fun too.
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