Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Hyper-Ecto-coatl Neo-Maxi-Zoom Evil Double Robot Parallel Post #0

Hi there! This is Ted's evil robot double. I had an evil day today. This is my third post now.

(Evil robots with fuzzy logic increment by hyperbole, not numbers.)

I went to the evil robotic breakfast nook around the evil corner from my evil apartment. It was sinister. I had an inhuman killing machine omelet and some evil orange juice - squeezed from the last lifeblood of a convicted orange!

Then I loomed off to the evil bus, and robotically rode to my evil work. Typical evil day - evil 9 to robotic 5.

Then I came home and watched some evil television for an evil while.

And I found an evil robotic sixpence upon an evil robotic stile.

Evil Robot Ted

P.S. Exterminate?
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