Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Here is the thing I know about obscenity:

Somehow, vulgarity is much, much more charming in another language. In your own language, it may be despicably crass or it may be delightfully passionate or it may even be common and proletarian, but whatever it is, it's boldly so. In any other language, it's quaint. Harmless. Not detoothed, exactly, but you'll never get offended because no one taught you to be offended.

You can swear in other languages on TV, even.

There's some contention about what language is best for swearing. I'm sure you have opinions on the matter, and you may well think your own language is best. Speakers of Spanish and German pride themselves of it, sometimes.

I asked a robot, to find out, and the robot said Arabic was the best. And that must be true -- he's a robot. He did mention that Hebrew might be in close competition, since they're related languages, but he hadn't been programmed to learn Hebrew, because of copyright complications.

Does anyone know where I can take a class in vulgar Arabic? I don't need to learn anything except the naughty words, but I'd like a thorough knowledge of those so I can pepper my language with them.

You know, to impress the robot.

Editor's note: Comments to this post containing obscenities (in any language) will be hidden. Even Esperanto or Klingon. Especially Esperanto or Klingon.
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